Aptera Solar Electric Car will go 400 miles on a full battery and never needs to be charged

The California-based company unveiled in January its Launch Edition solar vehicle, its first model that will hit customer driveways.

All 5,000 or so Launch Edition Aptera vehicles will be identical in an effort to streamline production and reduce complexity as manufacturing gets up and running.

The vehicle will target 400 miles of range and will have all-wheel drive provided by three motors integrated into the trike's wheels.

It'll sprint to 60 mph in a brisk four seconds on its way to a 101-mph top speed, Aptera says.

The Launch Edition will come with 700 watts worth of solar panels on its hood, roof, and rear section.

Owners can also charge by plugging in

They'll be able to add up to 57 miles of range per hour when hooked up to a Level 2 charger (fast-chargers like Tesla Superchargers are Level 3), Aptera estimates.