Myanmar Adjusts Electric Vehicles Tariffs to Zero

Myanmar imposed zero tariffs on electric vehicles (EVs) imports effective from November 2

The move is aimed at encouraging the use of EVs in the country and developing EVs industry and related businesses

The zero-tariff treatment on the electric cars was granted with approvals from the Union Government, the Ministry

The zero-tariff granted BEVs included road tractors, passenger vehicles, trucks, three-wheeler vehicles, electric motorcycles, electric bicycles, ambulances, prison vans and hearses

The accessories and spare parts for BEVs, approved by the Ministry of Electric Power and the Ministry of Industry, were also to be granted zero-tariff treatment

More foreign EVs companies were coming and introducing their brands to Myanmar market, as the country was encouraging the use of electric vehicles

The Ministry of Electric Power said in a statement dated August 31 that it will implement a pilot project constructing five EVs charging stations along the Yangon Mandalay expressway.