Tata Nano Electric Car : Ratan Tata's Dream Car is coming soon

Nano EV Was Gifted to Ratan Tata

In February this year, Ratan Tata, former CEO of Tata Motors, was gifted the Tata Nano EV by electric powertrain maker Electra EV.

Battery Pack:- 48 V Li-Iron Phosphate Battery Pack

Top Speed: - This electric car comes with a top speed of 70 Km/ph.

Charging Time:- It takes 3 to 4 hours to fully charge it once.

In this, you have to have an operational cost of less than 75 paisa/Km.

IP67 Certified. It can also be used in the rains.

Range:- This electric car comes with three range options - 120Km, 160 Km, 200 Km.

Tata Motors may bring the Nano EV to India by 2025.

The company can launch it in India at a price of Rs 4 lakh to 6 lakh.

The 2 seater electric car will give a big competition to the PMV EaS-E.

The founder of Electra EV is Ratan Tata himself.

To expand its portfolio further, Nano EV could be a great city car.