The World’s First Solar-Electric Car

The World’s First Solar-Electric Car Just Went Into Production

The Lightyear 0, a solar-powered EV that can go months between battery charges, has finally entered production.

The 0 isn’t the only solar electric car that’s been in the works, but it is the first to go into production.

The sedan may look like any other premium EV at a glance, but the top of the car, from its hood to its tail lid, is lined with solar panels that help keep its 60-kWh battery pack charged.

Lightyear claims the panels can provide up to 44 miles a day.

Lightyear previously announced that it planned to build just 964 examples of the 0 at its factory in Finland.

At first, only one car per week will roll off the line, but the brand hopes to bump that number up to five per week by the end of 2023.

Unsurprisingly, an EV as unique as the 0 doesn’t come cheap. Lightyear’s sedan starts at €250,000 (about $262,000).