Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Used Tesla Model Y in 2022

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Used Tesla Model Y in 2022

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Used Tesla Model Y in 2022: Nowadays, every automaker builds SUVs because they are the vehicles the market demands. The boom has seen traditional sports and luxury brands join the party with SUV nameplates. The EV segment isn’t one to be left behind, and Tesla is leading the way with capable all-electric SUV offerings in their burgeoning lineup. They introduced the smaller Model Y in 2020 to join their flagship crossover, the Model X.

The Tesla Model Y wasted no time becoming one of the top-selling SUVs. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is bullish about the Model Y and predicts it will soon become the best-selling vehicle from a revenue perspective. But even with the high demand for the vehicle, there is a long reservation queue, and you have to wait for months before you can lay your hands on a new Tesla. This poses an opportunity to go searching for used examples. There are indisputable cons to buying used EVs, like depleted battery capacities. But there are positives, and here’s why you should buy a used Tesla Model Y.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Used Tesla Model Y in 2022

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Here’s the reason you ought to purchase a pre-owned Tesla Model Y.

A Used Tesla Model Y Is A Practical EV Option

The Tesla Model Y is a crossover, so practicality comes without question. It sits between the Model 3 and the bigger Model X and is one of the most practical electric cars you can buy. It has more space than the Model 3 while being a compact option to the Model X.

The car comfortably seats five adults making it a great option for a small family. Also, you can fold the rear seats for additional cargo space. The lack of transmission, engine, and gas tank creates more room for the interior and the flat floor results in plenty of headroom. But older models don’t have the seven-seater option found on new units.

A Used Tesla Model Y Still Delivers Engaging Performance

The Model Y comes in a bulky package, but the weight doesn’t get in the way of Performance, especially with the Performance package. The base 2020 Model Y model comes with 384hp and 376lb-ft of torque, helping it to an impressive 4.6 seconds zero to 60mph sprint.

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The 2020 Model Y Performance trim comes with a spoiler, a rear motor swap, and tuning, increasing the power to 456hp and 497lb-ft of torque. It results in speedy acceleration with a launch to 60mph in 3.7 seconds.

Used Tesla Model Y Come With Long Battery And Drive Unit Warranty

Another advantage of buying a used Tesla Model Y is its long battery and drive unit warranty. New Performance trim units come with eight years or 120,000 miles warranty with a minimum of 70% battery capacity retention across the warranty period. It is quite impressive seeing 2020 models bought three years ago still have at least five years of cover remaining. This is more than some automakers offer with their new models.

Also, if you buy a used Tesla Model Y from Tesla, they provide an additional cover atop the remaining basic vehicle warranty. Starting from the delivery date, you get one year or 10k miles of used vehicle warranty.

Used Tesla Model Y Cars Receive The Newest Full Self-Driving Upgrades

Tesla is constantly innovating, so you will find the latest advanced hardware missing on a vehicle from two years ago. But you can trust Tesla thinks far enough to make relatively old vehicles capable. Plus, they provide over-the-air software updates on older cars, which guarantees your Model Y will stay up to date.

Also, Tesla offers a complimentary upgrade of the Full Self-Driving computer upgrades to those who purchased FSD capability and have Autopilot computer 2.0 or 2.5.

Most Used Model Ys Have Low Mileage On The Clock

Batteries are the greatest concern with used EVs as they are quite expensive to replace when worn out. But Tesla has high trust in its battery packs and claims that with 200k miles on the clock, the battery should retain 90% of its original capacity. If it is anything close to that mark, then you get great value and have a chance of buying a used Model Y in great shape.

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Also, most Model Y examples on sale have run low mileage. A peak on Edmunds reveals more than fifty 2020 units with less than 50k miles on the odometer, with some running as low as 3k miles.

You Get Immediate Delivery With A Used Tesla Model Y

Tesla quotes four weeks to eight months before delivery of some of its models from the reservation date. That’s quite a long waiting time, and going for a used Tesla Model Y offers a convenient option with immediate availability. Also, Tesla has a used car program that sells used vehicles that have passed a 145-point inspection.

One caveat is that used Model Y units currently cost more than new ones. You can blame the long wait times and supply deficits driven by the global car chip shortage. It is more sensible to wait for a new car but buying a used Tesla Model Y will save you time if urgency is key.


Used Tesla Model Y Cars Come With A Sleek And Minimalist Interior

Unlike a conventional gas-powered vehicle, the Model Y lacks an instrument cluster, gauges, buttons, vents, and dials resulting in a clean, sleek, and notably minimalist cockpit. There is just a steering wheel with only two buttons and a 15-inch touchscreen display housing all major controls. Elegant wood trims on the dash add some taste and the driver sits high with a commanding view of the road ahead.

The rest of the cabin features premium vegan simulated leather materials on supportive, comfortable, and spacious seats. Also, thanks to the electric powertrain, you get an extremely quiet cabin experience.

The Model Y Is A Great All-Wheel-Drive EV Option

The Performance and Long-Range standard trims of the Model Y come with dual-motor all-wheel drive setup. These are two ultra-responsive and independent motors with digital control of torque delivery to the front and rear wheels, resulting in superior handling, traction, and ride stability.


These combinations make the Model Y a capable ride in rain, mud, snow, or off-road conditions. Also, it comes with an Off-Road Assist feature to improve traction on rough and soft surfaces. And, we’ve seen many owners take their custom Model Y cars off-road.


Wide Availability Of Supercharging Stations

Range anxiety is a key reason many avoid buying EVs, more so used units. But Tesla tries to alleviate this anxiety by offering supercharging stations which are the new gas stations of the future. The 480-volt direct fast-charging technology can fill up to 162 miles of range in about 15 minutes in the Tesla Model Y.

Tesla has over 35k global superchargers conveniently located on popular routes and close to essential amenities like restaurants, restrooms, and shops.

Used Tesla Model Y Offer Five-Star Safety Rating

Tesla doesn’t take safety lightly and engineers its cars to be the safest in the world. They have raised the bar for automotive safety, often getting near-perfect scores on all rating segments.

Features like the rigid structure, impact protection at the front, and low center of gravity helped the Model Y to an NHTSA 5-star rating in every category and subcategory. Also, it received a Top Safety Pick+ award from IIHS, the highest possible safety rating from the independent organization.

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