Zugo Rhino Electric Bike Review: A Moped Inspired Electric Bike

Zugo Rhino Electric Bike Review 2022: A Moped Inspired Electric Bike

Zugo Rhino Electric Bike review: I’ve been peering toward the Zugo Rhino Electric Bike for some time now, particularly the adaptation in that trippy variety changing indigo paint work. I at long last had the opportunity to try out not one however two of them when the organization let me put a few decent genuine miles on the step-over and step-through variations of the Zugo Rhino.

Having invested some tomfoolery saddle energy in the two of them, I can let you know that the bicycles give you the very kind of ride you’d expect just from taking a gander at them – a strong and fun drive around that is some way or another equivalent parts unwinding and energizing.

A major piece of the blend of a laid back but interesting ride comes from the mix of execution and solace.


With a strong engine and huge battery, the Zugo Rhino electric bicycle has a lot of speed increase, speed, and reach. In any case, when you include the tall bars and long seat, you get a bicycle that is similarly as agreeable as it is strong. Those two credits join wonderfully into a ride that will make them pick the bugs from your teeth subsequent to grinning ear from ear.


Understand from ride video beneath, where I tried the Zugo Rhinos on a few tomfoolery travels. Then read on for my full considerations.

Zugo Rhino Electric Bike Technical Specifications

Engine 750W continuous hub motor
Top Speed Shipped 20 mph (32 km/h), can be unlocked to 28 mph (45 km/h)
Range Up to 80 miles (130 km) on pedal assist with larger battery option
Battery 48V 15.6Ah (750 Wh) or 21Ah (1 kWh)
Weight 65 lb (30 kg)
Wheels 20 inches with 4-inch fat tires
Brakes Hydraulic disc brakes (160 mm rotors)
Extras Long bench seat, included fenders, large LED headlight and tail/brake light, LCD display, kickstand, Shimano 7-speed trigger shifter, wide range of accessories
Price $2,199 (currently on sale for $1,999)


Zugo Rhino Electric Bike Design

It just takes one hope to find out about what this e-bicycle is intended for; this is a sulked style electric bicycle, completely.

Many individuals would call this a Super73-propelled e-bicycle, however obviously there are numerous electric bicycles that have since co-selected comparative smaller than usual bicycle interpretations that harkens back to the brilliant time of mopeds, yet I would agree that that the way that there is both a stage through and a stage over form of the Zugo Rhino is a major benefit.

Gone are the times of step-throughs being thought of “young lady’s bicycles.” I very like the step-through form as it’s simpler to mount and descent, making it a more agreeable bicycle. Yet, assuming you need top tank style sulked flows, the step-over is the most ideal bicycle for you.


Both have similar parts and execution, with the single special case of the step-over having an implicit cup holder.

The Zugo Rhinos both rapidly and effectively get up to 20 mph (32 km/h) on choke just activity, however they are the same amount of amusing to work by pedal help. Some sulked style e-bicycles can be precarious to pedal, yet the Zugo Rhino feels shockingly great.


Zugo Rhino Electric Bike Review: A Moped Inspired Electric Bike

Zugo Rhino Electric Bike Pic: Zugo

I’ll get down on an e-bicycle that isn’t happy to pedal, yet this isn’t one of them.

I several companions with me to attempt the bicycles to affirm, and everybody essentially arrived at a similar resolution: Despite the fact that the seat isn’t movable, you only sort of hurry advances or in reverse on the long and agreeable seat until you figure out your perfect balance.


We were all between 5’7″ to 5’11”, and I surmise I want to discover a few taller companions, yet everybody I asked appeared to be really blissful accelerating the bicycles. They say that the bicycles fit riders up to 6’5″, however I’m almost certain you won’t feel much better accelerating assuming you’re right up at the edge of as far as possible – simply sitting on the bicycle however and choking around ought to be more than fine.


The bars likewise have a touch of all over level change, however they’re now very high contrasted with numerous other lower bar sulked style electric bicycles.

The 7-speed Shimano outfitting most certainly helps make the bicycles pedalable, essentially with the pedal help locked in.


In any case, assuming that the battery at any point runs out, master help you. You could pedal the bicycles with a drained battery, however it will be a significant exercise to go quicker than around 6 or 7 mph for any lengthy measure of time.


With the huge 750Wh or 1,000Wh battery choices, fortunately you’re not prone to confront that situation frequently. The enormous batteries store a ton of energy, so you ought to be all set for some time.


There’s likewise a quicker 5A charger choice, which is pleasant for these enormous batteries that can require a long time to charge on a lower power charger. In the event that you don’t have to re-energize rapidly and get back out in only a couple of hours, the stock charger is fine. However, in the event that you two or three hour re-energize from 20-80% or somewhere in the vicinity, the speedy charger choice will be your dearest companion.

As far as speed, you’ll find that the bicycles come in Class 2 mode, meaning 20 mph.

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To go quicker than 20 mph, it’s feasible. The bicycles can be opened up to 28 mph (45 km/h), yet that is on you – out of the container they’ll be set as Class 2 e-bicycles that give no additional help over 20 mph.

While riding with companions, I viewed the 20 mph limit as fine and dandy, however worker use while you’re attempting to fly quick through the city will profit from the higher speed setting.

As both a sporting and utility-style electric bicycle, the Zugo Rhino feels like a victor. The capacity to convey a second traveler behind you with the included foot stakes is a significant benefit of these sulked style electric bicycles.


The extra back rack enables you to tie freight straightforwardly the rear of the bicycle, or to add your own container or locking trunk for some serious freight limit.


Then, at that point, there are different frill like mirrors, horns/alerts, electric tire inflators, and so on! You can truly deck the bicycle out only the manner in which you need it.

There’s very little I can gripe about here; even the 65 lb (30 kg) or so bicycle weight feels sensible for such a major bicycle. Sliding the battery out makes it considerably more straightforward to lift into the rear of a vehicle or van, which I did two times to get to some pleasant riding areas. Also, talking about sliding out the locking battery, I even like how there are those side boards that cover the battery and conceal it from view, further working on the bicycle’s styling.


There’s simply a great deal happening here. Strong pressure driven brakes, programmable speed, solid speed increase, open to accelerating, upstanding and loosened up ride style, and one of the coolest paint occupations I’ve seen at this point.

Zugo Rhino Electric Bike Colour

  1. Matte Black
  2. Gloss White
  3. Iridescent Purple

Zugo Rhino Electric Bike Price

$2,199 (currently on sale for $1,999) you truly can’t turn out badly with the Zugo Rhino!


  • Get ready to take on fun adventures with ZuGo Rhino Electric Fat Bike!
  • ZuGo Rhino’s motorcycle-style lets you attach more e-bike accessories for a more customized ride.
  • Enjoy 750W Geared Hub Motor and up to 80 miles of range per charge! The combination of fat tires with puncture protection and a powerful motor offers better traction and grip in sand, snow, mud, or water. Ride anywhere, in any weather.

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